In winter when the temperature drops many mountain bikers believes the riding season is over and they prefer to stay at home during the cold season; however, nothing can be more wrong than this as with little knowledge and practice, winter riding can be highly rewarding to you.

Never Give Up! Riding in the winter not only give you more fun but also increase your fitness to the next level.

Riding in the winter is not only a great fun, but also a very really healthy workout.

 Those who love nature experience more fun as they come very close to nature, while more efforts and commitments are required to handle the ground conditions.

You learn how to ride your bike with mud, ice and snow, and burn more calories while your body is trying to maintain a stable temperature in addition to the workout.

I provide you a checklist that you may follow to improve your riding experience in winter an make your winter ride safe and comfortable.

1. Plan Your MTB Ride Well

A mountain bike ride begins well before you start paddling. It is full of unknown and obstacles and that how it is a fun.

The best way to avoid any injury during the ride is the best preparationWith the right preparation you may be ready for anything you may encounter on a ride. 


Mountain biking during the winter season is tough on your bike. It is due to the heavy rains and muds that can corrode the components quickly and contribute to accelerated wear and tear.

Therefore, It’s crucial to regularly clean and lubricate your bike in winter, and it’s best to head into winter with a clean, lubricated bike in top condition.

Perform the basic inspection and maintenance to check the wear and tear on your components and adjust them if necessary.


Once you are motivated to go out for a MTB ride in winter, choosing a proper clothing is the most important decision to make.

It is not simply wise to just put on thick and warm garments to protect from freezing cold. Your body will start generating heat just after 15 to 20 minutes of riding due to a body process known as thermogenesis. Then it will be difficult for you to keep up with the same clothing.

Depending on the weather, the temperature and the fact that we move uphill, flat or downhill, we will have to wisely use what we have available to make our bike ride pleasant and enjoyable.

In order to bike in any weather condition may it be rain, snow or sleet; choosing the right apparel is very important to make or break your ride.


The Mountain Biking is full of challenges and unknowns and that’s how fun it is. You have to be ready for anything you may experience on the trip, may it be an injury or any mechanical problem you face during your journey.

However, with careful planning and training you can handle these problems; you should plan for the worst and hope for the best.

It is best to share the adventures of mountain biking with your riding buddies in the winter, find more challenges and have fun together.