A mountain bike ride began well before you start paddling. It is full of unknown and obstacles and that how it is fun.  With the right preparation you may ready for anything you may encounter on the ride. The best way to avoid any injury during the ride is the best preparation. Follow these tips to hit the trail with confidence and style.

Master Basic Riding Skills

Mountain biking is a really technical sport, so it is better to go step by step. First, you will have to get used to your bike and learn different skills, and then you will be able to go on longer rides, including rides with more elevation change and technical descents. The core skills that are key to mountain biking are equally as important whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned rider, and they are as below:

  • Body positioning
  • Braking
  • Climbing
  • Descending
  • Cornering
  • Switchbacks

Assemble Your Tribe

Riding in a group is the best way to go. There are also groups that have mountain bike rides and competitions. You could search the internet or local newspaper to see what is available in your area. There may be groups for the advanced rider as well as the novice.

If you need to ride alone please inform someone about where you are riding and when is the expected time for you to back.

Pack Your Essentials

The below are some safety and necessary essential you must take with you before you hit the trail.

  • Foods
  • Water
  • Phone
  • GPS
  • Waterproof trail map
  • Repair Kit
  • First Aid Kit

Look Before You Leap

You should know the trail very well before you hit the trail. Please do the necessary research by following the basic steps.

  • You may look at the trail online,
  • Walk part of the trail before you ride
  • Turn to trail map and guides for a better understanding,
  • Check the reviews from other riders who has been riding on the trail

Look up the Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are very important as the things can change anytime.

Practice Your Falls

You must practice your falls as the chances are high to get into. You can practice on the soft grassy field and make sure you are look to tuck and roll.

Wear Protective Gears

Follow safety first rule by wearing the protective gears including the following to avoid any injuries due to any crash.

  • Helmets
  • Eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Body armor

Bike Maintenance

Make sure your bike is well maintained and ready to hit the trail.

  • Nicely clean your bike
  • Lube for chain
  • Check brake pads
  • Bleed brakes if needed
  • Check gear cable and replace if needed
  • Check tires and grips
  • Check bearings

Warm Up before your ride

To help ease on your joints and muscles into the activity make sure to warm your body. Stretch well and regularly perform strength and condition exercise to build the power and stamina for a perfect ride.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink enough water to be hydrated. Bringing a water bottle or hydration backpack with you is always a great idea.  It’s very easy to get dehydrated so you should always bring water with you and drink it on the trail to ensure that your body stays properly hydrated at all times.